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Forward Momentum  by  DataHead

Forward Momentum by DataHead
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Forward Momentum (with apologies to the community of that name--its too good a phrase) is a Vorkosiverse fanfic novel that I wrote two years ago as a sort of New Years Resolution 2008. The characters and settings are not mine, but the property of Lois McMaster Bujold.Those who want lots of action, or car chases, or even just nail-biting tension should look elsewhere.

Not only is this largely a novel of manners in which very little happens except a surprising outbreak of galactic peace, its relentlessly happy. LMB has said that one of her motors of composition is to make the worst thing possible happen to her hero/ine, and I decided to turn that round and have absurdly good things happen.Ive also come to think of it as a companion-piece to an essay I had already written on LMB, in which format I couldnt quite express my sense of just how coherent LMBs Vorkosigan stories have proven, not in the Vorkosiverse per se, which leaves plenty to the imagination, but in the arc of the story lines.

Readers who frequent the Miles to Go forum at Baens Bar might recognise this as the Two Dubauers argument.The novel is in canon to A Civil Campaign and Winterfair Gifts, but AU to Diplomatic Immunity.

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