Alfred Yang Agung (Seri Tokoh Ternama, #15) Andrew Matthews


Published: 2002


46 pages


Alfred Yang Agung (Seri Tokoh Ternama, #15)  by  Andrew Matthews

Alfred Yang Agung (Seri Tokoh Ternama, #15) by Andrew Matthews
2002 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 46 pages | ISBN: | 8.57 Mb

This is quite a good book. It tells the story of the life of Alfred the Great. From when he was born to his death and bit further. It relates the important events taking place in England during his life and talks about him as a person, his qualities and attributes.This book is easy to read, it is like a simple biography/story. It gives some nice basic information on the life of Alfred and pupils should find this book easy to read.

Every page has black and white cartoon pictures to illustrate what is happening in the text. I found some of the battle pictures a bit graphic and some pupils might find them disturbing (eg severed head, hand etc...)I think this book could supplement nicely alongside a more information based book on Alfred the Great, which would provide more in depth information on his life and the battles he had.The book has to additional sections at the end which are useful.

The first is called Further Facts which tell us a bit more about the Vikings and other information and also a timeline of Alfreds life which has a list of the main events during his lifetime.This is a helpful supplementary book when covering Alfred the Great and would be useful I think in Years 3-5.

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