Ritual Bonding (Wolf Essence #2) M.Corchis




175 pages


Ritual Bonding (Wolf Essence #2)  by  M.Corchis

Ritual Bonding (Wolf Essence #2) by M.Corchis
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Milo James is the youngest of four children and brother to the Alpha of the James’ Pack. He lives his life without any concerns or regrets and flies by the seat of his pants.His motto: responsibilities can wait and forever is too long to contemplate. But, Milo’s carefree lifestyle changes abruptly when he found out about his son—Draxen, whose grandfather is King Lazarus.The King took it upon himself to raise Draxen as his own, after losing his only child, Jeslin, to vamp hunters.

During the process of searching for his son, Milo meets Ophelia. For him, she was everything he did not know he wanted and everything that he feared.Though they settled in together, the road to ‘True Love’ is never an easy one. There are not only bumps along the way—there are bruises and death. This isn’t quite what they had in mind when they pledged to be together.Life is a hard reality for the unlikely lovers.

Not to mention, Ophelia is a vampire (the sworn enemy of were-shifters) and the niece of the notorious King of Vampires, Lazarus.These two have a lot to overcome. They must learn to put trust in one another in order to keep their ‘True Mate’ forever. Can Milo, give up his penchant for wild parties and fast women and accept the direction in which his life is going. Or will he let his impulsive and explosive nature dominate him and drive away his ‘True Mate’…..forever.

Enter the sum

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